Saturday, August 3, 2013

Carp tastic!!!

We're on a field trip again, so lots to write about this weekend. Starting point is the "secret spot" for some tenkara style carp fishing. Okay - so it is a manmade pond - likely purposed primarily for flood control and secondarily for social aesthetics. And so the carp are there most likely for algae bloom control. But the fact of the matter is there were some big carp in this manmade, save-me-from-the-flood pond and I had a score to settle with these fish from the last time we were here. I used the killer blueberry fly on a 15# tippet mounted on to the Daiwa 43MF Kiyose. The first one I hooked into gave an indication of just how much strength these fish have. I gave Marlon and Noe a chance to fight the fish with the rod and then both said it was too much for them pressure wise. As I was trying to land this fish in our green all purpose net, it gave one head shake and back flew the fly - almost as if the carp said "you can have your stinkin fly back - I'm outta here". The pictures of the carp in hand are of number 2. Another strong carp, but this one was half the size of both the first and last fish. 14" long - not bad, but also not good enough. I knew I could do better. By the time I hooked into the third carp, I had concern for the shopping complex patrons. The only signs said "no one is allowed inside the fenced in areas" - good thing myself and the rod were outside. Besides, we had a date with the beach. If you haven't gone fly fishing for carp, you don't know what you're missing...

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