Monday, January 20, 2014

Evolving Flies

I've tied up a few of Fly Fish Food's Cheech's Low Fat Minnows in the Shad pattern - not an overly complex tie, but you still need to have a few steady fingers to make this work. Because of the marabou used in the inner portion of the body, this fly already has a great swimming motion to it - and it will elicit strikes and perform well, in situations where there are few snag producing obstacles. I've been thinking how to modify the tie to make it snag proof. Using principles from other flies, I am going to use the method you see here to get the fly body itself to act as a weed guard. Heavy mono as the backbone - literally. This is going to make the relatively simple tie into a much harder one (I already had to cut everything off once...). For starters, Size 1 Gamakatsu Offset Worm hooks, with approximately six wraps of lead free wire.

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