Friday, January 3, 2014

Looky - Looky....

I signed up to participate in a fiberglass rod loan program from The Fiberglass Manifesto. And the first rod came in today - the 7' 3 piece 3wt Orvis Superfine Glass. I lined it up with my RIO Gold 3wt line and practice cast it in the snow filled road. This rod is a true 3wt - I felt like I could hit whatever I wanted to, just point and shoot. The feeling of the rod loading on the backcast was not as evident as what the Lewis 6'6" provides. And overall this rod is softer throughout, but in a balanced way. I like the taper (but truthfully if they made the uplocking reel seat in black I think the aesthetics would be much better). I've got my name in the hat to try out several other rods, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to get more working knowledge under my belt. It is actually rare when I practice cast... I think this year I will have to change that and get better overall casting whenever I have some spare time (resolution???).

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