Monday, January 6, 2014

Release the Kraken!!! And Release the Hello Kitty Cooking Spoon Holder!!!!

It's a common occurrence to fear the Kraken - why who would want to die a watery death of impalement by spiked squid suckers followed by being ripped apart by an aquatic parrot beak??? But the real fear factor should be in avoiding the magnetic attraction of the Hello Kitty Plate transformed into a skull sucking Stove Top Cooking Spoon Holder... Oh the humanity!!!!!! Seriously - this is more evidence we thoroughly enjoyed painting ceramics again this weekend!!! We actually spent 3.5 hours painting - don't knock it until you try it (and plan well - if you are going to make awe-inspiring pirate paraphernalia, make sure you know how to spell "Kraken" and what the color of "Hello Kitty" eyes are (brown))!

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