Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saturday Fish-a-mania

Not. The water was high from the runoff and it wasn't too clear either. BUT the Mighty Bluegill came through and delivered action packed adventure. I brought the Barclay out and fished it with the RIO Perception line - I love this setup more and more as I keep on fishing it - and bonus points for me that I've had to improve my casting to get the most out of this rod (and oh how rewarding it is). Back to the bluegill - I caught 5 or so near the 4MR outfall, then I thought I'd try my luck at the Route 1 bridges. Only 1 bluegill. I also tried using my ultralight St Croix setup and even used Gulp - no takers. Still a great time (casting a sweet rod - love that Barclay Glass)!

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