Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Fishing - Dropping Tide at... Wait for it.... 4 Mile Run!!!

Yes - since everything else is still frozen, I spent the afternoon wading through 4 Mile Run. I don't mean to seem jaded about this - in fact I am grateful that I get to go fishing at all considering the average air temperature has been in the high 20's. I do mix it up by taking different rods and different lines - all to see if I can pair up a line and rod for the long haul. As I was walking through the river bed, I saw this gizzard shad resting - looks like something got a good hit on it - look behind the dorsal fin. Today I brought out the Scott F26533, a SA Supra DT3 and a RIO Gold WF3F. I started out walking upstream towards the outfall. I spent most of my time at the storm culvert with the WF3F line - bluegill, pumpkinseed, green sunfish and large mouth bass - the 4MR foursome. I did make it up to the outfall itself and caught a green sunfish that seemed to have a bad right eye. I lost a good fly about this same time - a small shrimp/clouser combo that sank well (bead chain eyes). On a back cast, the fly hit the rod and broke free - don't ask me where. I wasn't trying to pick up a foursome - I was actually trying to get a bona fide goldfish to take the fly. I switched flies out several times but didn't get the time of day from that fish. Next time I'll bring some Gulp Maggots - that'll do the trick (who doesn't like eating a maggot???...???). Goldilocks here actually had a couple of escorts - but they were much better camouflaged (brown and golden - like the bottom of 4MR). I moved back down stream and fished by the bridges/power line island. I lost count of how many bluegill hits I got - probably 50+. I had switched out the WF3F for the DT3F line. When there wasn't any wind blowing, and I got a good lift on the line, the DT3 cast really well. But it was less forgiving of mistakes (which forced me to keep my form up)

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