Saturday, March 8, 2014

More Rod Casting

I brought the Kabuto out again to get a better feel for it. I also brought out a Steffen 7'6" 3/4wt 3 piece by Matt Leiderman. Both these rods cast smoothly with a WF4 line. Awesome rods!!! It is so fulfilling to cast a loop and watch it unfurl and gently place the fly 20-30 feet out. I had some good wrestling matches with a whole mess of bluegill (translation - a whole mess is more than 25), some big green sunfish and one large mouth bass. I saw a bunch of LMB, and I would get them to follow, but the one in the pictures is the only one that took. If I haven't said it before - "I love fiberglass fly rods!". There were huge schools of gizzard shad stacking up near the outfall - love is in the air (water)... I can't wait for the water temps to start warming up and the spring blitz turns on!!! Just around the corner!

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