Monday, March 31, 2014

Second Rod Tube Sock Done

Now this rod tube is all safe and sound!!! The tube for this Ijuin Yomogi fly rod is actually fiberglass - who knows if the sock will help it not get damaged or not - either way, it's piece of mind. The yarn is a cotton/acrylic blend so the texture is a lot smoother than the first sock which was 100% wool. I'll have to experiment with different types of yarn to see what works best. I ended up knitting this sock twice - the first time the diameter was just a few stitches shy of producing the correct tension - so I 'tink'ed it (knitting spelled backwards = undoing your stitches). The first go around was all pau in the freetime of 4 days. The second time I got it done in 3 days. Now spring just has to get here so I can fish theses rods and test out the tube sock (protection against the truck back seat) theory.

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