Friday, March 7, 2014

Testing Out Some Rods

A session at 4 Mile Run casting the Eagle Claw Featherlight 6'6" 4/5wt 2 piece (with a WF5F SA GPX) and a Kabuto 7033 (lined with a WF4F SA Mastery Trout). I got a 5 inch bluegill with the Featherlight - the rod casts really well for a $30 piece of kit. This is one of those rods that will live in the back of your truck and everytime you pass a body of water, you will be compelled to stop and cast a line just because. Next I cast the Kabuto. Mind you this is nearly a $700 rod (from Hokkaido) - and it cast very crisply - it actually felt alive. Oh so svelt!!! I truly enjoyed casting this rod (on loan from "The Fiberglass Manifesto" rod loan program) and an 8" bluegill was just icing on top of that casting cake. So - a nice session with representatives from both ends of the spectrum (although bamboo costs way more, there aren't many more fiberglass rods that cost this much - but oh my, it is worth every penny!!!). I think I'll go fishing tomorrow morning with the Kabuto.... Not having cast the two side by side, as good as the Kabuto is, I think the Barclay casts slightly better (although the finish on the Kabuto sheds water better - I have noticed after several casting cycles, the flyline will tend to "stick" on the smoother Barclay surface - nothing a little shake can't take care of).

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ChrisB said...

Hey Vic,
I know what you mean about the water on the blank. Try waxing it with any good quality auto wax and that'll alleviate the sticky line issue. I've noticed some lines attract themselves to rod blanks more than others (Airflo is the worst offender while SA Supra seems to be the best though cheapest) and waxing them and treating the lines tend to help.
Oh, and nice fish! Our water is finally turning to liquid and I'm aiming to find some fish Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait!