Monday, March 17, 2014

This is Why I Took Up Knitting in the First Place

What to do on a snowed in day? I'm making some "Tube Socks" for my fly rod tubes. These will help protect the tubes from scratches while the tubes are in the truck (headed back and forth from fishing) This is actually the main reason I thought about taking up knitting. I have high expectations from these socks. This is my first time using double point needles. They were intimidating at first, but after the first couple of rows are in place, the knitting becomes clearer to see. The only issue is this is not a fast process - in this case especially switching needles every 6 stitches. This tube sock will be 5 inches in perimeter to fit one of the smaller rod tubes I have (which is also one of the more vulnerable to dings and scratches) - and only 24 stitches per row (6 stitches per needle). I should be finished with it in about a week. I'll post more when it is finished. Knitting is as calming as it gets. Fishing, especially sight casting, gets my adrenaline way up - not like big wave surfing up, but pretty close. It's nice to have a fall back activity that lowers the blood pressure.

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