Saturday, April 12, 2014

National Aquarium - Sharks, Turtles and an Old Whale

I took this past Tuesday off from work to help chaperone Marlon's field trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. They are advertising a new exhibit - the "Black Tip Reef" but it didn't seem that different since I had last seen this place several years ago. In fact, the whole aquarium seemed smaller to me - which is impossible, but maybe familiarity has gotten the best of me. That said, the whole experience was still enjoyable. The whale skeleton was still hanging from the ceiling. It's a neat exhibit - but it feels kind of out of place in this spot. Especially since the whole area has a dark atmosphere to it (lower lights equals less stress to the fish). This display did offer a different view than you can get of the whale skeletons at the Natural History Museum in DC. Marlon worked hard to try and get a picture of their green sea turtle that seemed to be missing a front left arm. This guy was pretty big as far as sea turtles go.

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