Sunday, April 27, 2014

Paddling Maze

Besides fishing Mason Springs, we made the drive out to paddle the Mattawoman Creek. We launched from Salvens Boat Ramp and went with the current and wind. Along the drift, we found a cut through - or at least we thought it was a cut through. We really wanted to be on the other side from where we were - but there were a tons of glitter boats (bass boats - they are all so sparkly) blocking access to that part of the water way. If this cut out worked, we would have been back up current and up wind of the launching point. Well - we got a big dead end. Fun nonetheless! On the way back, the kids got tired and a tow from La (Hooyah PT) I don't think I could get four paddleboards, lifejackets, rinsing water and fishing poles packed smartly on any of the other vehicles I was looking at a couple of years back. I'm glad I got the Surf Taco!

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