Saturday, April 26, 2014

SUP Flyfishing for Potomac Shad (again)

I paddled out at Fletcher's Cove again (same trip as last weekend) - this time I brought the Chris Barclay built Epic 686 fiberglass fly rod lined with an Orvis Access Full Sink 6wt line. The line was tricky to cast (and some of my casts looked like total crap - but I did get off several decent looking shots if I might say so myself). I cannot say in words how awesome it was to fish this rod and to pull in decent fighters like these spawning shad. The bend in the rod was so cool! Some of the other pictures below are of me fishing my Orvis Hydros 8wt. I caught one big shad that was exercising the Hydros well - the difference between the rods besides the Epic being olive is the Orvis has two stripper guides (which you can see on the pics). The pink jighead fly worked again this session - I didn't get a single it on any other fly. Oh what fun I had!!!

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