Friday, May 9, 2014

Crappie Hole Bingo

It was nice and warm on Thursday afternoon. Marlon asked to go fishing so off we went. He ended up using small popper we made back in the winter and got some decent hits from a few largemouth bass and a bruiser of a bluegill. I wasn't doing so well at this spot so I told Marlon I was headed to the dam. The buttercups were is full bloom - nice diversion from casting. At the dam, it took a few fanning casts to find my groove but when I did... BAM!!!! I was catching a different crappie nearly every cast for about a good 15 minutes straight. This largemouth got a bit jealous of all the action and took a turn at the tug'o war line. To ensure I am rotating the stock sufficiently, I am making sure to use a different rod each time I head out - this should also help me get my casting dialed in. Switching up the rods, lines and leader length will force me to adapt my stroke. On Thursday, I was using the Scott F2 6533 - it didn't take long for me to remember I really like casting this rod (and I think I will be repeating that statement with each change of rod). I lined up the rod with a RIO Gold WF3. The drill became cast a ostrich herl bead chain nymph out parallel to the dam rocks, strip in slow, watch for the slab flash, gently set the hook and bring in a feisty crappie. AWESOME fishing day!

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