Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Fish on the Epic 480

Today the rains finally quit and I finally got to fish the Epic 480 that I built out!!! I actually cast it yesterday in between down pours - and I had gotten concerned because my lawn casting was off with this rod. I was having a hard time keeping good loop form and I even heard the "whip crack" effect more than a few times. Well - that concern about the 480 not being a good rod was unfounded - by a long shot!!! This is a FANTASTIC rod - lively, medium flex and well balanced. It roll casts with authority and distance, and casts long distances with little effort. This large mouth bass took honors of being the first fish that got to wrestle this rod. You can see the 6 inch markers I placed on the butt section - of course I'm not the first or the 1000th person to do this, but this is the only rod I have that I can get a measurement at a glance. Oh and the first mark starts at 12" so this allows you to measure up an 18" fish quickly from the butt cap. This was the second bluegill I caught - the first one was a 7" fish (I know because I used the ruler on the rod) and it bent the rod back into the butt section. Actually so did this fish - which at 6" was a pretty respectable wrestler. What a difference lawn casting and fishing a rod can make - don't knock 'em until you fish them! Oh and the second lesson - go out and get yourself an Epic 480 because they are outstanding rods to fish and put smiles on your face. Got it? Good!!! This one will be on the short list to grab off the rack and fish (uh, I think all of the fiberglass rodds I have are on the short list...)!

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