Friday, May 23, 2014

Kabuto 7653 - Fantastic Fly Rod!!!

I will be trying to put some miles on this rod over the Memorial Day Weekend - I've only got a few 5wt lines, so I'll be cycling through them pretty quickly as I try a develop a feel for this Kabuto. From the first lawn casts, I could tell this rod is really something special. Snappy, medium action and refined (keeps the line under control very easily). Made me look like someone that knew what they were doing... Then I took it out to the lake. Fishing with it is an absolute pleasure. Casts nicely in close and just as well out to 60'. I managed to get a couple of bluegill to hand, one bass to take (but got off while I was fumbling with the camera), and one crappie. It's a wonderful thing to pick up a rod that works well with you - casting, aesthetics, versatility and fish conquering prowess are all qualities I want out of a rod. Most times you get a few of these, but not all out of a rod. From this first experience, I am inclined to say this is a wonderful thing this Kabuto 7653 ;)

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