Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pressure Valve Lifting

As I write this, I'm actually 9 calendar days from my last working day in the Navy. It's been fun and I've had opportunities I would never have gotten if I had picked a different path in life, but we have goals that we cannot meet if I decided to continue serving. That said, I have been trying to land a new job for the past several months and have met my match in the "process" - I have never been so stressed out (well, maybe that time in Kuwait while missiles were flying overhead, or that time in Fallujah when the tail gunner in my convoy lit up a car that was chasing us, or maybe the mortars that would come down on us regularly in Baghdad) as I have been trying to solve this "how to get a job" puzzle. I asked La if she wouldn't mind if we went down to Virginia Beach for the day seeing as how the surf forecast was calling for some decent conditions (and I've been really tense lately). We met the Bisgards at the beach. I caught several decent waves and a few really good ones. It was hard at first to find the groove - lots of offshore wind, higher tide, deep troughs - but a little bit of effort paid off! Since we live 3.5 hours from the ocean, surfing has been scant on our list of things to do to relieve stress and have fun. I wish we lived closer because I don't know of anything (G rated) that pops the stress relief valve better than catching a good wave... Oh and this may be the last time I surf the ULI FAQ - we're selling it to La's sister so their family can use it on Guam. I'll likely order an ULI Lopez 9'0" Special Edition as a replacement - trifin slashing machine!!!

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