Friday, May 23, 2014

The Other Rod I'll Be Casting Over the Long Weekend

Steffen 8'0" 4/5wt 3 piece rod. I lined it with the same RIO Perception WF5 I used on the Kabuto 7653 and it had a similar feel to the Kabuto (not as crisp, but equally refined). I'm not sure if the difference in feel was more a factor with the extra 6 inches in length, or more a factor of that they are just very different blanks (from almost completely opposite ends of the earth - literally). I didn't fish this one today, but tomorrow morning I'll be taking out the paddleboard in hopes of tagging some bigger bass on some poppers. We'll see what tomorrow brings!!! UPDATE: I actually ended up trading this rod for an Orvis 7'6" 1wt 4 piece Superfine Touch graphite rod, almost immediately after posting this. The Steffen is off to it's new home and I ended up going to the Orvis in Leesburg to pickup a WF1F line and a size 1 Battenkill reel. I'll have all this put together mid-week, at which time I'll post more. Bluegills are going to rock even harder than they did the 3wts!!!!

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