Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fishing Report 6/11/2014

I didn't have a ton of time today to fish - La and I have been busy packing up the house in anticipation of the movers coming to put our stuff in storage while I find a job and we all take a cool vacation in the land yacht. I did manage to get a few minutes in ahead of having to pick the kids up from the bus stop. I brought out the Epic 480 lined with an Airflo DT4. This being a longer rod, the swing arc radius is longer so I was more prone to getting hung up on the willow tree next to this dock, despite my best attempts to avoid such frustration generating events. I started to push roll casts out to experiment with this set up and what a pleasant surprise - this rod can really reach out with the rolls! I hooked up with this largemouth bass and a decent sized bluegill - neither of which put a serious bend in the rod - obviously with a 4wt rating, there is more strength in this rod (ergo a bigger fish needs to be pulling on the other end of the line to make a bigger bend in the rod... uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh yeah.....) I'll probably keep this rod lined up tonight and use it again tomorrow (contrary to my streak of switching up the rods every session). And actually, I think I only have one or two more to fish in this weight class before I've gone through them all this time around.

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