Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fishing Report 6/18/2014, Part 2

The kids had some friends over after school and I was where I wanted to be with packing/cleaning/fixing, and I still had the Barclay 3wt still setup - so I decided to spend an hour at the lake to see what was around. While I did get a few hits, most of the fish were just following the flies - it was pretty hot (95 F), so I guess even the fish were lethargic. What weren't lethargic were the dragonflies. They were flying around, claiming territory and chasing each other. I didn't see any conjoined pairs, so they are still just marking territory in anticipation of 'other' things to come. So from shuck to pre-mating, it has been a week. I know they spend the majority of their life spans as nymphs underwater, but it seems to me the most dynamic part of their lives - where they would want to spend the majority of their time - is in fact the shortest of their different phases. Oh well - I hope they are enjoying all the flying around...

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