Friday, June 6, 2014

Fishing Report 6/6/2014

Today was fantastic!!! Incredible weather - beautiful blue sky - just a touch of wind to keep things interesting... Brought out the Scott F2 6533 and lined it up with the RIO Gold WF3F line (common theme for the week). Again - brilliant performance. Each one of these rods is perfect in their own way (good thing I don't have to choose). The action of this rod is a tad faster than the Feelex - but that makes this rod that more universally useable. The 6" that this rod doesn't have makes it easier to use in tighter quarters - in my case casting work under willow trees. I can sense I don't have the same reach as I do on the longer rod (Barclay Glass 3wt and the Feelex at 7'2" and 7'0" respectively), but I can still work the line out to any sight casting distance I would need to (35' to 40'). I went straight for the big pig hideout and it paid off in spades!!! Tons of fun playing tug-o'-war with these bull bluegs. I did catch a small largemouth that was more interested in out competing the small bluegill that were around it - too bad the nymph was one of my flies! A couple of these bulls even pulled line off the reel - just like the bones of DG... a singing drag makes my adrenal gland go haywire - primal reaction - one of the reasons I keep coming back to flyfish!

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