Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fishing Report 6/8/2014, Part 2

I told Marlon since all the spots were taken up, we should go to the dam to the spot I found where all the big pigs hang out. He reluctantly agreed. That all changed when I saw this young of the year turtle came swimming by. It stuck close by the rocks (smart - because there are some decent sized bucket mouths that would eat turtles this size), but it hasn't learned that humans aren't much better than bucket mouths. I actually caught this guy twice, Marlon having let it go once before. He ended up taking the turtle to the nearby dock to examine it more thoroughly. I used the Orvis Superfine Touch 7'6", 4 piece 1 weight lined with an Orvis Hydros Superfine WF1F. This is the lightest weight rod I have and it is a blast to cast and fish! The bend is from the bluegill in the last picture - I caught five of these guys and I let the rod fight them. They all pulled line off the reel - and got me stoked! Awesome fishing for not being even 1/4 mile from the house! Strong evidence for the argument that right sizing tackle to quarry makes everything better!

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