Friday, June 13, 2014

There's only two ways to get one of these...

I know there are several of these out there - but this is only the third one I've seen in person - and this one is mine!!! This is the last piece of US Navy Diver desk candy that I'll ever need. It's not light - it's heavy. It's got both Underwater Construction Team Command Coins and the Ocean Facilities Program Coin. It's not small, it's big - and it will not fit in a box all that well. It's awesome!!! Just like the divers in the OFP - larger than life and always ready to do the impossible! This one was not a gift - I had to pay a pretty penny for it, but it did come from the hands of people who care - thank you all! When you go through dive school, your class shirt is a rite of passage. You cannot buy them (although you pay for them) - you earn them. And there is a saying that usually accompanies the wearing of the shirt - "there's only two ways to get one of these..." The two I've seen prior and this one were all earned - at least 20 years of service by each one of the owners. I'll let you use your imagination to come up with the second way. HOOYAH DEEP SEA!!!

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