Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fishing Report 7/13/2014

We went to get La a new rain jacket (as her favorite one that she's had for over a decade has lost it's weather resistance). We've been looking around at different places, but no luck on either the right size or color. We went to the Patagonia shop in Georgetown to stop the beating around the bush process. SO - what better to do than line up an Orvis Superfine Touch 1wt and wrestle with some bluegills!!! According to Marlon I caught five of these guys (I stop counting after one). And this one liked the black ant imitation I tied up just a little too much (but I did get it out and the fish was unharmed - except for some "alien abduction" stories it can impress the lady bluegills with). The story behind these windows is the "second" time we went to this shop, I was with the kids and there was a "lego" table next to the window. We were playing while La was looking around and I saw a bunch of bluegill hanging out in the canal. I hadn't reinvigorated my fishing quite yet so I just filed it in the back on my mind drawer. Seeing as how we are more than likely leaving this area and not coming back for any long term stay, I figured I should try and catch a few of the bluegill from that time long (three years or so) ago to close this item out. The bluegill (and the rest of the fish for that matter) weren't by the window - they were all under the big tree further North up the canal. This was a nice way to say "farewell" to the C & O Canal and the wonderful fishing it has offered me over the past few years - *Thanks*

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