Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Our last stop was in the Southern part of Virginia Beach and the campground we were staying at did not have internet connectivity. WAH-WAH-WAH. Well - we have moved on again and this stop has really fast connectivity and lots of bandwidth. I'll be posting a bunch to catch up from our last stop. First up - if you like to eat fish, you need to find yourself some of this Spanish Fish Rub. It is from a local Virginia Beach vendor, so you may have some difficulty if you are not in this area. I find it in aisle 14 of the Oceana DECA. We were camped out at the beach for a week. I cast the Orvis Helios 8wt and a new St Croix Tidemaster Travel Inshore rod but did not hook into a single fish. So no using the fish rub this past week. And oh man - not catching a fish for a whole week... not good. Technically I did catch one fish - a solitary menhaden that got washed up on the shore after a retreating wave ran out a bit faster than anticipated (but I did not get photographic evidence). Not much meat on a single menhaden though (so again, no using the fish rub).

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