Friday, August 22, 2014

Cool Tools

These are the tools that I got at New Smyrna Outfitters. I have seen several "Mole Crab Rakes" but for various reasons, I chose not to purchase them. The one at Bass Pro was big, could catch several crabs at the same time, but it was upwards of $75. Just a few days before I saw this one at NSO, I thought I found the perfect one at Walmart in Cocoa Beach - not as heavily built as the BSP one and only $29. I may still go back and get that one. Then I saw this one - small, compact, won't take up much room in the truck bed (help especially when you are living in a camper trailer), and looks sturdy enough for what I plan to do with it (catch sand crabs for bait - in small quantities). I also saw these bobbin threaders. Most threaders are built on a brass handle. As you can see these are on plastic beads. I'll try them out and let you know if these work any better than the conventional ones.

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