Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fishing Report 8/27/2014

Not Skunked! First cast and I felt a solid grab - I used a sliding weight rig with a steel leader - just in case I get a shark again ;) Instead of the usual suspects (Spot, Whiting), I was surprised to see this Stargazer on the end of the line. Well - this picture is of the stargazer buried - it was a quick bugger - buried itself in an instant. I poked at it with a shell and it popped back out of the sand. The two black spines on the front part of the dorsal fin are poisonous (if I remember correctly). Eventually we coaxed it back into the water. First time I've caught one of these... Really pretty pattern on it's back. I also caught this whiting. The big change today was switching out the pompano rig for the sliding weight/leader setup. I had way more sensitivity with the new rig and it made fishing with this substantial rod way more enjoyable. Last notable - the kids were playing in the surge for while - until La looked out and saw a lot of splashing about 50 feet away from the kids. And then we both saw a 4' shark jumping around in the surf for a fish, or three. We calmly told the kids to go ahead and come back in - good thing they didn't turn around... The men in grey suits are always out there - you just need to be smart and calm in their backyard.

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