Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fishing Report 8/31/2014 Part 1

Today we made the drive further south down to Sanibel Island. We actually fished three different spots and even checked out the Shell Museum - I'll post separately on these events. First stop was one of the Causeway Island Parks. My girl Noe can throw a mean cast net!!!! Check out this form and the full opening!!! She ended up catching some Killifish. Not bad for an 8-year old girl (bet your 10-year olds can't throw a net like she does!!!). And We caught a small Blue Crab, some Mojarra, Finger Mullet and a few Menhaden. I had the fly rod out and managed to get a few follows from some needlefish, but no other action in that department. It felt good casting a floating WF line again - WAY easier than casting an intermediate line.

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