Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Marlon's New Surfboard

As you saw from the previous post, we made our way down past St Augustine to surf the beaches down that way. Around Anastasia Island, Noe asked to go to a bathroom, and we were right at the intersection where Aqua East surf shop is. While she was doing her business, I was talking with Marlon on the finer points of turning a surfboard and we both started looking at the soft top boards - the same company that makes the Beater Board makes one called the "Skipper". It is a quad fin fish type board and the green one with orange/black striped bottom really struck a good chord. Well - La said "That was an expensive bathroom break". The board works really well (as you can see). If we didn't tell Marlon we had to go because we ran out of drinking water, he'd still be in the water surfing!!! He is even starting to paddle for green water swell... As a father, I cannot put into words how stoked I am to see my son starting to surf and wanting to expand his skills repertoire - truly awesome!!!

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