Thursday, August 28, 2014

Surf Report 8/28/2014

The surf forecast websites indicated that this morning would be the biggest and cleanest the surf would be for at least a week. We got our share!!! This ULI Lopez 9-0 trifin is an awesome board - one of the great things about inflatables is I don't care how close I get to shore - beach break no longer means bad dings. And with the thruster setup, I can push some torque on the bottom turns. Now I just need to find some longer waves (probably the hardest thing to find in Florida). La felt confident enough to bring out her longboard. Here she is catching a few on her own (no help from me except a little encouragement and intel on wave selection) ;) Maybe we'll try again this afternoon on the low tide But if we don't - we did have a blast!!!

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