Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fishing Report 9/3/2014

The kiddoroosters and I hit the Jetty yesterday afternoon after I had finished tying the flies. I brought out the Suntech Field Master rod - I wanted to try out a 'tenkara' style rod again with the shrimp flies. First time I've used this rod in saltwater. I had to add a small split shot to get the fly to sink. I was able to see a bunch of small fish circling the fly - then one was right up on it and 'whack' fish on! I caught a fiesty Rock Blenny - lip hooked it. It seemed a little perplexed at it's situation. I had several chases after I caught htis blenny, but no other hook ups. I'm going to have to tie up a smaller shrimp fly to nail the other small fish near the rocks (I'm back in my "catch tiny fish" phase)... Marlon used his Ugly Stik with some shrimp flavored Fish Bites. He caught a small black sea bass (on his own I might add).

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