Monday, October 20, 2014

Fishing Report 10/19/2014

I took the kids fishing at the beach right by the jetty yesterday afternoon. We dropped La off at the beach by the 'poles' so she could go shelling and get a good walk in as she made her way to where we were fishing. We all found scallop shells so she was really happy (which gave us plenty of time to go fishing). We weren't having luck in the surf trying to catch the really small whiting, so we shifted to the rocks to catch the usual suspects. Rock Blennies and Spot Tail Pinfish - skunk repellant. We went back to fishing from the beach and the kids stumbled on to another life lesson. They found a gull with a broken wing. Upon closer inspection, the gull was bleeding from a wound on it's wing. The blood was bright red so it was a deep cut. They asked what would happen to the gull - I told them when birds that rely on flight break a wing, they usually die of starvation. With this bird, it will probably die a quicker death because it will bleed out. I explained that this is part of life and that they should be happy that the bird got to grow to whatever age it was, fly through the skies and enjoy good weather. They should also apply that lesson to their own lives and truly appreciate the time we have in this existence.

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