Thursday, October 23, 2014

Old Haunts, Big Lizards

We took the kids down to Gainesville to visit the Florida Natural History Museum. Drove over the Matthews Bridge on the way out to I-10. Drove through the University of Florida campus (my old Alma Mater). And dropped in to the museum which was relocated from the location where I knew it to be (as I worked manual labor jobs in the Department of Malacology back when I was an undergrad). I'll post more on this shortly - great museum!!! We had a late sushi lunch and then checked out Paynes Prairie. Like clockwork there was a gator hanging out at the end of the observation deck (along with empty beer bottles and styrofoam trays left by the drunk rednecks feeding the gators raw chicken from Winn Dixie). And we even drove through the the student ghetto and found my old house. Nice day back in Hogtown!

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