Wednesday, December 31, 2014

First Sunset on Oahu

This is the view from our friends' house. Not a bad view... I think the colors at sunset here are different than what the mainland experiences. They are lighter, more yellow/golden and purple than the orange and red. I think it has something to do with higher particulate count/different gaseous composition that the air on the mainland has - with more people and more machines emitting carbon dioxide and combustion products, and with the tradewinds blowing those same products away from the islands, there is a difference. Pretty in any case.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Second to the last post

This is last post. I made a hat for Marlon - K1 P1 for 8.5" then K2tog + P2tog decreases each of the four needles. This was made of worsted weight yarn - I'll make one for myself out of thinner yarn in a beanie style.

Last Post for Today

And from the Mainland - I'm going to start work in Honolulu so you'll see a change for scenery and focus (more fish and surf). Our last stop of the day yesterday was the Pyramid Brewery in Seattle next to the football stadium. And by coincidence, the Seahawks were playing. The Apricot Ale is La and my favorite beer (with a very close second going to Poseidon Grapefruit IPA - but you can't get it outside of Oxnard, CA). Noe and Marlon did not like the crowd response to the good plays - not a good way to get them to like professional football... Really good beer nonetheless!

Kinukuniya Bookstore

Our bookstore fetish is magnified when we pass a Japanese bookstore... And this one is in the Uwajimaya complex - talk about a triple threat (groceries, cream puffs and Japanese bookstore stuff).

Uwajimaya Seattle

Cool Asian grocery store! Of course the Beard Papa store is in the same complex - those cream puffs are sooooo good!!!

REI Seattle

I went playboating in the river and didn't even get wet!!! Actually we checked out REI's flagship store in Seattle yesterday. Biggest REI I've seen throughout the land. We've been here before on our previous trips to Seattle - always a fun time checking out the latest and greatest in outdoor stuff (I don't mind this kind of shopping).

Sunday, December 21, 2014

So Good We Came Back - And Were AMAZED Even More!!!

We brought the kids to the Bass Pro Shop. We took a closer look around and the Fish Bowl at the Tacoma BSP is really a bowling alley - UNBELIEVABLE!!! It doesn't get any cooler than this! These paintings are at the Fish Bowl entrance. I bought some Malin Malon wire - I hope this is the stuff you can make bite tippet with by twisting and using a lighter to melt the end holding the fly... I'll let ya'll know in a couple of weeks (I've got an appointment with some kaku out at Pearl Harbor). More pictures from around the shop If you find yourself on I-5 driving through Tacoma Washington, do yourself a favor and stop in.

Really Nice Kiteboards Built by an Old Friend

Nick Yamodis has been a featured guest on this blog in the past. He and I go back over 20 years now - we went through basic together for CEC officers. We've been surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUPing and boogieboarding on and off all this time as our paths crossed. We paid the Yamodis family a visit yesterday and I got the update on what boards he's built over the past couple of years. His last batch of kitesurf boards turned out awesome - nice tight rails and bamboo laminate in a clean, smooth epoxy package. These are better than almost any board I've seen for sale at any shop. Makes me want to break out the planer again (almost - but not quite because nothing makes me want to breakout the sander...). It was great seeing you guys - looking forward to the next get together!!!