Saturday, December 20, 2014

Back to Even Keel -

If you remember, a couple of rod/reels got stolen out of the back of my truck this past summer while we were staying at the Mayport RV Park. It just so happened that one of the rods was a custom built 6 weight flyrod that I considered to be one of the finest of all fish catching tools built by man. I have been slowly replacing the pieces of equipment that got stolen - and yesterday, one of the last items came in the mail - the Abel Super 5N. This replacement is even better than the one that got stolen - it has a 'click out' that my other one didn't. Now I can get that sweet sound when a fish is taking line... I posted on this earlier, but I bought a kit to build out the same blank that got stolen. The Epic 686 is such an awesome rod - you can feel the cast with the slower taper, but it still has the power to handle big wrestlers - the best of both worlds. I've got a couple of 6 weight lines from Orvis that I will meet up with in Hawaii - looking forward to casting and fishing this setup and getting "back on even keel"

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