Monday, December 1, 2014

Lots of Stuff Happening

We've been pretty busy with our transition. I accepted an offer from a small company in Honolulu and will start in early January - unfortunately, the family will not be coming for maybe a year. Despite that fact, we are all excited about the direction we now have and have been busy lining up all that needs to happen. I drove the minivan and ALL our boards up to Seattle - made the almost 4000 mile trip in just over 4 days. I think my real calling was to be a semi-truck driver... I finished up building a replacement 6 weight rod (for the one that got stolen). I think it came out perfect!!! The funny thing is I built it in the small confines of our travel trailer. We said our goodbyes to the beach at Mayport, Florida - it's been awesome collecting shells, surfing waves, catching fish and sharks, and just listening to the waves crash on the shore. Thanks for the memories! And just today, we were able to sell our beloved TrailManor Travel Trailer. We were fortunate to have spent a large part of our transition from Naval Service in our small house - THANK YOU Mayport RV Parks for accommodating us (we couldn't have done it without you). We had TONS of adventures and have learned so much from our time in the camper - lessons we will never forget. Driving and backing a trailer. How to truly live simply. Getting what food you need and not wasting. How to weather the storms. Loving your family. Appreciating life more and things less. Thank you TM 2720QB for being our shelter - we will miss you and we hope your new family has as much fun with you as we did!

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