Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First Fish on the Fly (out here on Oahu)!!!

Same place I checked out yesterday evening, but a little later in the day - the tide was really low. I saw a few oio (bonefish), but they saw me while I was making some casts. Despite the small setback, I didn't get skunked!!! I caught this small papio (baby Giant Trevally) using an All Rounder Saltwater 6wt line from Orvis with the Epic 686 fiberglass fly rod I built out. With this rig, I was slightly undergunned for the bones, but way overpowered for this guy. It eagerly took the Turneffe Crab fly entirely in it's mouth but he didn't have enough juice to pull any line out. The rod seemed a little soft with this line. I recall it felt solid casting a class V full sink line... I may try to up line it with a 7wt to see if it livens up. No matter - catching is always better than getting skunked and releasing a healthy fish is a great way to end the day!!! I guess I can call this "Trevally Tuesday"!

Recon Mission

I had a few minutes after work to burn - I ended up checking out more spots during the low tide. I drove up to this spot and there were five smaller bonefish tailing in about 4" of water. I think I'm going back this afternoon with a rod and reel....

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Helping Out

This was the reason I had to leave fishing yesterday - Community Day at the Heeia Fish Pond. If you have been following this blog, you'll note that I have been intrigued by Polynesian and Hawaiian culture for a long time. Celestial navigation, fishing techniques and watercraft are but a few of the focus areas I have delved into over time. But yesterday I got to help restore an 800 year old structure. So I actually didn't get to place rock - I got to take down a bunch of mangrove trees that were brought in the collect sediment that washed downstream from the Heeia River. The mangroves over time colonized and took out the fish pond. There is a non-profit organization working to restore the fish pond and use it as a teaching lab and eventually as a sustainable fish farm. I used to docent at the Waikiki Aquarium the last time I lived out here and they had a model of how the fish ponds worked and the features the Hawaiians built into them. There used to be so many of these farms that having fish to eat was not hard. It is going to be awesome seeing the last pieces go back into place and watching the place come back alive!

Not A Fluke

I went back to the fishing pier yesterday and cast out the tiny lure with tiny weights - and I saw the same fish - juvenile Blue Fin Trevally (papio) and queenfish (lae). And before I had to take off, I even got one to hand - and back you go... So I have found a spot that delivers faithfully (like Lake Newport and it's bountiful Bluegill and Largemouth Bass) - I can rest assured that I can play tug-o-war anytime... now to get a few more spots wired so I won't have to drive around so much.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Charlie Glassing a Paddle

Steps taken (so far) to get a stand up paddle glassed and carboned. Some weird opposition to molecular cohesion... And a little sanding in the evening!

Fish at the State Capitol

Not sure how 'legal' it would be to fly fish this spot... They look like they are willing - and I bet they'd put a good bend in a 3wt... hmmmm.....

Monday, January 19, 2015

Fishing Spot 3

I felt compelled to try just one more spot. I pulled up the pier at Kaneohe. I did not break out the fly gear - I rigged up the 8'6" spinning rod with a minuscule kastmaster, I think it was 1/20 ounce. The best thing was I FINALLY shed the skunk!!!! I ended up catching three baby queenfish and two papio. I let them all go back - I figured it would be good karma - even though the bigger ones would have made easy gyotaku prints. The queenfish had spines in all the wrong places (where I would hold the fish to get the hook out). My hand felt itchy for several minutes after I got stuck. Small price to pay for CATCHING!!!!

Fishing Spot 2

I packed up and drove out to Hawaii Kai - I met another fly fisherman in the parking lot - he had a broken rod in his hands. He said "small guy did this". Needless to say I was pumped. I was able to cast to about ten bonefish - same result - no real interest from the judges. I will definitely be back to this spot - seems perfect for the Hooked SUP...

Fishing Spot 1

I ended up fishing at three different spots today (Monday - Dr Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday) - not by choice. First up was Hickam - I took shots at five different bonefish. Two showed interest, but the others laughed. I got called in because the beach was going to be closed for a couple of hours... I even brought out my spinning rod so I can huck lures towards an old pier (barracuda).

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting to Work - Just Barely

Here are a couple of pictures of the truck with the racks on going through the parking garage I park in at work. Even without the racks, the antenna provides entertainment in the form of scraping against the bottom of the garage ceiling.

Post for Marlon

Check this out Marlon! Cover of a Japanese book.

Sunday Catching - ALMOST!!!

I decided to get schooled again, I mean go flyfishing this morning. Saw lots of life on the flat - urchins (collector/pincushion, ina/rock borer, vana/ouchie pokie), some triangular rocks (large snails), and BONEFISH!!! I saw about 20 in total, but they were big ones and way smart. I did predict correctly where a pack of three would go, and I got one to take the crab fly - but I couldn't get the hook set... Murphy is riding my back.... BUT THIS WAS NOT THE "ALMOST" Oyster party!!! I did get a couple of fish to hand, but not by the hook. This guy looked like it had a bad date with an ulua (giant trevally) - pretty dazed and confused. I just corralled it and picked it up. I think it is an aweoweo (Hawaiian Big Eye), but it was really pale, not red. This one was just plain dead. Ladyfish (big one too). I also saw a few tangs and a couple of boxfish fighting. There was even a guest appearance from a blacktip. Good day on the water (oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLON!!!!)

Saturday Running Around

I was Charlie's navigator on Saturday - calling the route from the shotgun seat. We hit Fiberglass Hawaii Ate some Bubbies Ice Cream And checked out Island Paddler - I think I want to start carving signs like this Kahala one...