Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First Fish on the Fly (out here on Oahu)!!!

Same place I checked out yesterday evening, but a little later in the day - the tide was really low. I saw a few oio (bonefish), but they saw me while I was making some casts. Despite the small setback, I didn't get skunked!!! I caught this small papio (baby Giant Trevally) using an All Rounder Saltwater 6wt line from Orvis with the Epic 686 fiberglass fly rod I built out. With this rig, I was slightly undergunned for the bones, but way overpowered for this guy. It eagerly took the Turneffe Crab fly entirely in it's mouth but he didn't have enough juice to pull any line out. The rod seemed a little soft with this line. I recall it felt solid casting a class V full sink line... I may try to up line it with a 7wt to see if it livens up. No matter - catching is always better than getting skunked and releasing a healthy fish is a great way to end the day!!! I guess I can call this "Trevally Tuesday"!

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