Sunday, January 18, 2015

Racks Back on the Surf Taco

Like the post title says, I put the rack back on the truck on Saturday. I have been hesitant because the parking garage I have to use when I'm at work has a couple of spots where the antenna 'rubs' the concrete beams. I've been studying the clearance issue and I believe I can get to the floor where I am supposed to park without getting stuck. I have a couple of inches clearance from the top of the rack to the top of the antenna - I may do a test run today (Sunday - nobody should be at the building so I can take my time driving the route, stop and get out to look at the actual clearance). I have also noticed I have been getting better gas mileage without the racks on. I only have three tanks of gas worth of data, but I'll take the racks off again in the future to test this out. It may be the fact that I had the spark plugs changed out as well... In either case, it feels good to have the racks back on - the truck stands out from a sea of similar vehicles (this is the favorite truck of Hawaii by far) and I can find the truck faster in a parking lot.

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