Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Second Day - First Time Fishing with the Epic 686 (that I built)

I went to Hickam Flats to try casting the Epic 686 I had built up back in Florida. I didn't see any bonefish/o'io - but I did see some schooling finger mullet (or something like that), a lizard fish and I even managed to catch this crab. I also saw the following: A mantis shrimp Several sea cucumbers A few pin cushion sea urchins This guy... I wonder if it is the same one (snowflake eel) I saw a couple of years back... and whole colonies of polyps (checkout the ones that were exposed to the air - this was a pretty low tide). So I didn't catch a single fish - but I did see a lot of what life uses this flat. I did drive out to check another spot - and I did see evidence of a larger predatory fish attacking the schooled up smaller ones (big splashes and lots of jumping fish). You don't have to twist my arm to make me go back.... Oh - and the rod casts wonderfully - this is going to be a workhorse for sure (in lighter wind conditions).

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