Monday, February 23, 2015

A Little Piece of Heaven on Earth (in Honolulu)

Post-surf lunch on Sunday - 1/2 pound Avocado Burger with large fries at Kua Aina in Ward Village. This place has character and incredible food (but wait until I go to eat at the one in Haleiwa - original character and the best out of all the Kua Ainas - maybe it has the oldest, most seasoned equipment to cook the food - who knows - all I know is the food is so good up there - this place is Ni-ban). When we were stationed in Japan, we lived pretty close to this beach (Miura). And the Kua Aina we frequented was in Kamakura. Pizza La wasn't bad, but there were some really good sit-down pizza places near our house. I just like saying "Pizza La" because La would roll her pretty eyes (ironic that she isn't a big fan of pizza - and almost everywhere you looked there was a Pizza La delivery car running around). The best burger in the universe if you ask me!!!!