Monday, March 30, 2015

Laminating the Front Face of the Paddle

I spent a few hours at Charlie and Amy's house. I feathered out the fiberglass laps from Saturday's work, and placed the carbon and fiberglass on the front face of the paddle. I shaped in a curve to the edges of the paddle - and because of that the carbon kept wanting to lift off the edge. I had to coax the carbon to make it stay on the edge as the epoxy cured. Here is the finished product. I thought it turned out well. I should be able to surf with this on Saturday (oh wait a minute - some @ssh0le stole my truck Sunday night from the apartment complex parking lot!!!! UFB!!!! For the record, this is the third car that has been stolen from me while living on Oahu... what is it about me, Oahu and stolen vehicles????) - what am I going to do without the Surf Taco....

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