Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Morning Catching at Hickam

Today was a much better catching day! I dropped down to a size 5 torpedo weight and an unweighted size 10 limerick hook. After some searching, I found an area that had some movement. First up was a legal sized omilu (blue fin trevally) - papio sized. This guy actually pulled drag!!! I thought I had seen some bonefish, but hooking into this confirmed (for me) that the papios trail the oios. I caught a couple of other papios, but then hooked into something with a little more heft - a juvenile Peacock Grouper. I caught a couple more papio then switched over to the fly rod. I hooked into another species I have not yet caught - introducing the Lizardfish Can you see the fly inside it's mouth??? And those teeth!!! Just like the Big Bad Wolf - "The better to eat you with"!!! Cool camo pattern I let all the fish swim away, despite the fact a couple of them would have made decent meals. I did not want to chance ciguatera... Really fun day fishing on the flats!!!

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