Monday, April 27, 2015

Cornet Fish on the Fly

After the barracuda strike out, I tied on another orange fly and was able to hook up with this - a cornet fish. I was actually trying to entice some bonefish to bite, but this guy took the fly, splashed around a bit then swam as fast as it could towards me. I got it to hand and had it in the stripping basket just long enough to take a picture. It spat the fly and was off just as quick as it came. These fish are similar to Trumpet Fish, but they are broader than they are taller (opposite of the trumpet fish). I've seen other folks out here catching these on the fly, but usually while fishing rocky outcroppings. I was lucky and got to catch this guy while fishing on a sandy flat. I think the fish would have been more fun to catch if I was using a 6wt - the wind was manageable so I could have used a 6wt setup - maybe next time. I've been using 8wts lately to fight the wind and in anticipation of hooking up a bonefish - but since I haven't been able to do the later, I think I'll tie up smaller, less heavy flies and use one of the 6's. Stay tuned...

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