Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fishing with Bait Comparison

The forecast didn't call for any notable surf, I went out fishing again this morning. This time I brought a bag of cut squid. I wanted to see if the bonefish would go for this type of bait - I'd rather catch than not catch and if I have to use bait, I'm good with that. I did catch some fish - a few small, fiesty papios, but no bonefish. I saw several, but again, no takers. I think to use bait for the oio, you have to cast it out and leave it alone. When bone finds it and starts taking the baited hook, only then can you pick up the rod and try and set the hook. My gopro battery died so no fish pictures today. I think the next time the forecast predicts super calm winds, I'm going to snorkel the entire flats area so I can see what terrain the fish prefer. Even though I've seen the flats dry on super low spring tides, I think there is no substitute for watching the fish swim around.

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