Monday, June 29, 2015

Amy's (Charlie's) New Longboard

Charlie and I went out to Kapolei on Saturday to check out Surfboard Factory Outlet. These guys are one of two spots where Hawaiian Island Creations make their surfboards, and several other shapers also work out of this factory. They had a huge selection of boards, and their prices were really good to boot. After a long comparison, Charlie picked out a board that Amy would have an easier time learning on - a 9'6" Kahanamkou Brothers Cruiser. Nice flat rocker, fuller nose and tail, this thing should be a breeze to paddle - which means a world of difference when you are learning. All strapped on and ready to go!!! Congratulation Amy (Charlie) on your new board!!!! It is always fun to go out and pick up a new surfboard - something that you can grow to trust and have a ton of fun on!!!

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