Monday, June 22, 2015

Blue Ringed Exit Port

With the Friday skunking, I defaulted to a Bait Saturday. It worked! I ended up catching a bullethead wrasse, a good sized humuhumunukunukuapua'a and three papio. This was the wrasse. I've seen these guys swimming around, but have not been able to get one on the hook - until Saturday. I used a 'j' hook and bunched the bait into a ball on the tip of the hook. I felt the fish taking bites but waited a hair longer than normal and then set the hook - bam!!! I caught a bunch of these fish on Diego - and true to the genus (and maybe species - I have to go back and carefully check the pictures before I can go and declare this) - their anus are circled in a really vibrant blue ring. Catching these papio is always fun - this is a picture of the last one. The first one was a 10"er - almost dinner sized. Two new species caught on the hook and all fish released to fight another day. Not bad!

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