Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Flies and the Continuous Study of Albula

These are some more ammo for bonefish stalking. The brown fly is a Salt Creature that I bought at the Bass Pro Shop in Tacoma. This thing was one of flies that I've used that consistently avoided hang ups in the gravel chunks and limestone base. The Fish Skull weight/head and the weed guard did their jobs well. The only issue with this fly is the water entry - it's too heavy to make a gentle, splash-free penetration so the bones in a 10' radius get spooked. The orange fly is the Beaker with a separate wing. I tied off the body at the eyes and just added another length of yarn for the wing - I think this makes a cleaner fly. I spent a majority of Saturday morning casting these flies to plenty of bones, and mainly studied how they reacted. If I cast well in advance of their approach, they weren't spooked, but guessing their path correctly was 1 in 30. Cast too close to improve the chances of them crossing paths with the fly, and the 'plunk' of the fly entering the water put the fish on guard. I think I am going to use wire to weight the next flies I tie, and bulk up the bodies with zonker strips or chenille/estaz with the goal of drastically reducing the entry splash. Fishing a pressured flat is work... and frustrating.... and addictive ;)

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