Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hand Plane No.1 Done

I used my time after work yesterday to wrap up a few outstanding projects. I switched my 300 grain intermediate fly line from one reel to another, including switching out the backing from the chartreuse I used to use to the orange I've switched to. I used the remainder of the spool of orange 20# I had - turned out to be 628 ft (about 209 yards). That's just at the critical point to stop a double digit bonefish. But I don't like packing my reels too full so I can have some play in getting the fly line back on the reel during a fight, so this all worked out well. I also finished off the hand plane I've been working on. I got the foam pad in place and the strap tied on. Now to get some time off to line up with a fun sized swell to try this thing out!!!

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