Saturday, September 19, 2015

He'eia Fish Pond Weekends

Oops - I been swamped at work and haven't been out fishing, surfing, or doing anything amphibious. But I did go and volunteer some time at the Fish Pond helping out. Last Saturday I went to the Community Volunteer Day. We moved rocks, more rocks and some rocks. Then we got to start placing rocks. Way harder than it looks. Lots of constructive criticism - hopefully next time I can do a better job... Nonetheless, I couldn't stay for the after work session kalua pig - had to get to work. Today was the last of this year's Holo holo (predator eradication days). I got two papio to hand, lost a third and had a kaku staring at me the whole laughing at my lures. The catching slowed down towards noon so I started packing up. But not before taking a closer look at what all is really in the pond when the water is up. Crabs of all sorts and a species of shrimp (opa'e). I really enjoy helping out at the He'eia Fish Pond!

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